The educational institutions involved were 13 public schools (kindergarten, primary and lower secondary school and high school), located in the fifth district of Turin, one of the most important cities in the north of Italy. The students involved were about 500, from 4 to 17 years old, divided in 20 groups and worked within the project for three years. 25 teachers of 13 local public schools had been proposed to work together in two different groups: pre and primary schools teachers, and lower and higher secondary schools teachers.

The aim was to motivate teachers:

  • to plan and share activities indoor and outdoor with students, colleagues, other school personnel;
  • to talk about their experience, difficulties, best practices as pattern to adapt within their own specific context;
  • to interact with other levels of schooling and to plan activities with students of different ages (i.e. a class of five year- old children went into a class of technical high pupils to learn about an energy process)
  • to benefit from residential stages in Educative and Environmental:The Pracatinat Educational Laboratory to live a profound experience about ’sustainable education’ as quoted by Stephen Sterling
  • to visit companies connected with energy issues such as fitters of photovoltaic panels or municipal waste company, etc
  • to foster and support participation involving greater numbers of students, parents, friends and neighbours
  • to enhance peer education and intergenerational learning, so that children, teenagers and adults could offer their own skills to support a sustainable life
  • to prepare educational and training settings to support learning and to help people to transform their own lifestyles

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